Give A Litte Based

Well, fuck. This is brilliant. This is legit brilliant. This is “Visualising the realism of life in actuality” brilliant.

I’m not even kidding. Second golden age of hip hop right here


I vote that the next Doctor after Peter Capaldi be David Tennant again.

Oh, sod off

Le Wrong Generation Subreddit In A Nutshell


Bashing bands and artists is wrong only when it’s classic rock fans doing it - but, when we do it, it’s perfectly fine.

They’d be the first one to admit that that’s what they’re doing, too.

Eh. Good sub, still subbed.


Why is it always so much hate in the daft punk tag? I though we all agreed on not tagging hate
Its extremely rude to the fans

Buddy, the only thing more rude than tagging hate is censorship.

Be cool, man. Your opinions won’t be irreparably damaged by some conflict.

I kinda find it rude that you're making people pay to talk to you


I guess that one does seem a little weird?  It was a common reward that a lot of other Patreon users were doing, but that’s why I offer the alternative three voice requests for people who don’t care about that.  I’ll just remove it altogether.

But you know, I’m also not MAKING anyone pay for anything.  As if I could MAKE someone pay me money.

Then don’t get that option?

That was weird


Tumblr is the place losers can come to be the bullies they’ve always wanted to be

Deleted all my posts because they sucked.

New year, new content.